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720 Haircuts

In 720 Haircuts, you'll learn about the customer experience you and your organization must deliver if you want to develop a level of customer satisfaction that endures through time. Using engaging stories combined with practical advice, you'll see the vital roles of leaders, managers, and your frontline in building a culture that delivers the highest level of Customer Experience.

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The Un-Bossy Boss

Through humor and real-life case studies, The Un-Bossy Boss shows how the old model of managing—the “yell and tell” method—has become outdated and ineffective. Gary offers readers a map to success that involves a more interactive role between managers and employees, one that reveals motivations and beliefs of workers, and invites them to become invested in creating solutions.

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Who is Gary?

About Gary

Using humor and real-life case studies, Gary is passionate about developing organization leaders and managers because of his philosophy that if leaders want to change their businesses, they must start by changing how they engage their people. He has been recognized with a Stevie's American Business Award for Executive of the Year.

30 Years of Experience

As Senior Vice President of Root Inc., Gary has partnered with CEOs and executive teams at Fortune 500 and Global 2000 organizations throughout North America and Europe. Gary brings a realistic view of how to engage people, develop great leaders, and build strong managers based on more than 30 years of business experience, a durable “street sense” for results, and a sense of humor that puts things into perspective.

Areas of Expertise

  • Coaching
  • Manager Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Leadership Alignment/Strategy
  • Employee Engagement
  • Retail/Hospitality/ Transportation
  • Customer Experience — Customers for Life
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Gary is a frequent speaker at client events, industry conferences, and business strategy and human resource seminars. Check out some of his speaking engagements below!

Past Speaking Engagements

Managers: The Best-Kept Secret for Strategy Execution Success

A manager has the critical role of translating the organization’s strategy and leadership priorities into something actionable for the frontline employees. Strategy execution falls flat if the manager hasn't been equipped with the skills and tools to successfully translate the strategy. During this interactive session, the audience will learn what every manager needs to know in order to drive business results. Attendees will walk away with meaningful, practical examples on how to empower their managers to be the critical levers in strategy execution and deliver intended results.

Leading Better Customer Experiences

Customer experience is a priority for almost every function of the business these days. Gary focuses on the best practices and practical approaches to driving customer strategy execution from influencing the development of a customer-first culture in the business at the leader level, to developing managers and helping employees make better decisions about customer interactions.

Finding and Keeping a Seat at the Strategy Table

HR struggles to get a seat at the strategy table in many organizations. And once they get the seat, they need to ensure that they hold onto that seat. Helping HR leaders understand where the people barriers in their organization exist and what America’s workers would like more of from their leaders and their organizations, he’ll provide guidance on driving better employee engagement that yields more meaningful results and ensures HR gains and maintains a seat at the strategy table.

Topic: Getting Clear and Aligned on Strategy

Organizations invest in creating the perfect strategy with the best intentions of executing it successfully. However, sometimes those intentions fall short. The best strategy in the world won't do well if leaders aren't clear and aligned on what the strategic priorities are and how to engage every single person in the business in those strategies. Using best practices and interactive approaches this session illustrates new ways to approach strategy execution, this session offers attendees key learnings they can apply in their business right away.

The Art of Engagement: Inspiring People, Creating Change, And Making A Difference

Organizations have a lot invested when embarking on new strategies and most fail because it requires changes to an organization’s culture or people. Leaders spend a lot of time perfecting a strategy, but not nearly enough time planning its execution. In this session we’ll explore how organizations can better inspire people and create change to make a difference, including identifying the ‘canyons’ that exist in organizations that lead to disconnects and ineffective execution at all levels and the consequences and costs of having a disengaged workforce.

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Getting your sales people together at the Big Meeting? Talking to your managers about how to motivate their troops? All your key decision makers going to be in one room at last? Gary is the ideal combination of educational and energetic with real-world experience, bringing honesty, focus and fun to your event. If you’re interested in learning more about how Gary might get your people on their feet about the topics most important to your organization, let’s discuss it.

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